This journey to climb Mount Kilimanjaro involves training a minimum of 6 days a week for us both.  In order to maximize our training potential and our focus during training, we have partnered with IQ Enhance (IQEnhance).

IQ Enhance is a wonderful company that sells cognitive supplements that help users concentrate, especially when they are weight training.  We’ve been using IQ Enhance products for about 3 months now and they have definitely helped for our days out hiking and in the gym training.

Whether you are training for a climb or just want to maintain good mental and physical health, IQ Enhance is a product that I urge you to try.

Read more about the great advantages of taking IQ Enhance Cognitive Supplements:

And if you follow this link and buy products from IQ Enhance part of the money is distributed to our charities!

We would like to take this chance to say ‘Thank you’ to Jeff Windecker and IQ Enhance for their fantastic help and constant support of us as we continue our journey to climb Mount Kilimanjaro.